Via del Pantheon 55, Roma - Italia

Da Fortunato, situated right in the heart of Rome and just a stone’s throw from the Pantheon, cherishes a long tradition of hospitality, passion and professionalism in the art of offering the warmest of receptions and excellent food.

It was back in the 1950s that Fortunato Baldassarri moved to Rome from Terracino, a small village close to Amatrice in the north of the Lazio region, and started gaining work experience in some of the prestigious eating places in the city, such as Il Circolo della Caccia and La Taverna Flavia, regularly waiting on celebrities of international renown from the likes of Liz Taylor to Alberto Sordi.

He launched his own restaurant in January 1975 when the restaurant Da Fortunato opened its doors for business on the premises of an old Roman hostelry at number 55, Via del Pantheon, continuing a gastronomic tradition on the site which dated back to the eighteenth century.

Over the years, Fortunato transmitted his immense passion and wealth of experience to his son, Jason, who today continues to run this hugely successful family business.

THE team

Our kitchen is manned by a team of local Romans, all under 40 years of age, a dynamic and skilled staff capable of combining tradition and innovation whilst working under the direction of head chefs Luca Cicchinelli, Emanuele Benzi, Lillo Merenda, Giuliano Villella and Raman Habibur.

We bake all our own bread and cakes. Our specialities include a raspberry mille feuille and strawberry tiramisu.

Thanks to a meticulous evaluation of the very best raw materials and an ongoing exploration of innovations in culinary techniques, our chef proposes both seafood and meat-based gastronomic creations which are totally unique and inimitable.

A sensational gastronomic experience where colours, flavours and smells conjoin in the creation of dishes which are intense in flavour and inebriating in smell, satisfying to both heart and eye.


Quality, product research, simplicity and the exaltation of raw materials.
Our creative menu, unpretentious yet sophisticated and offering a wealth of products typical of both local Roman and national cuisine, provides our clientele with a cuisine of the very highest level and truly representative of the best in Italian culinary traditions.

Our fish is sourced at its very freshest from the nearby fishing ports of Anzio


Our highly experienced chefs will tempt you with delicious dishes all carefully prepared by hand and making use of seasonal ingredients and products, such as wild porcini mushrooms, white Alba truffles or black truffles from Norcia. An impressive wine list offers around 450 labels and a wide selection of Italian and international spirits and liquors.


Food, art, hospitality, quality and aesthetics continue to come together in a perfect combination in the fulfilment of our single objective, namely offering our valued customers the most pleasurable of times and the most exquisite, intense culinary experience.



For many years, the Restaurant da Fortunato has been the destination of choice for a host of well-known faces, from the world of politics to the international jet set.

Our dishes have been sampled by the highest ranking international statesmen, politicians and royalty, such as Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Tareq Aziz, Mu’ammar Gheddafi, Helmut Kohl, Russian premier Medvediev, European parliamentarian Barroso and Prince Charles, as well as Hollywood stars like Scarlett Johansson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Will Smith, Roman Polanski and many others.

Our clients also include a wide range of notables from the Italian scene; Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, Giorgio Napolitano, Giulio Andreotti, Pier Ferdinando Casini, Silvio Berlusconi, Romano Prodi, Francesco Rutelli, Walter Veltroni, Beppe Grillo, Roberto Benigni, Massimo Ghini, Flavio Briatore, Cristian De Sica, Gigi Proietti, Toto Cutugno, Adriano Celentano, Piero Chiambretti and many more besides.

our typical dishes

Delicious dishes of porcini mushrooms from Lazio, fresh and in season


Delightful white truffle D’Alba and black truffle from Umbria for a unique experience


Fresh fish directly from our trusted Anzio’s fisherman, Alessio


Fresh homemade pasta according to the tradition of our places

private room

We organize and take care of the preparation of events down to the smallest details such as:

Private parties
Company dinners

Upon request and for a maximum of 20 people, providing personalized services such as wine tasting guided by our first sommelier, Giuliano Raspagliosi, thanks to the Enomatic system which provides over 90 red, rosé and white wines by the glass.

Phone: +39 06 6792788
From Monday to Sunday
from 12.30pm - 11.30pm
Via del Pantheon 55
00186 Rome
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